Composed of approximately 55 first responders and emergency medical technicians (EMTs), the Hopkins Emergency Response Unit (the operational arm of HERO) provides 24 hour/7 day a week EMS coverage during the school year, as well as major event standbys and some modified coverage when classes are not in session. In addition, the Hopkins Emergency Response Teaching Unit provides Red Cross Emergency Response and CPR classes, taught by students who are also certified Red Cross instructors. 

HERO enjoys a close working relationship with Johns Hopkins University Campus Safety and Security.

Security dispatches HERU via radio to respond to calls, assumes operational command on the scene, and transports HERU members and specialized equipment to emergencies upon request. HERO also works closely with the Baltimore City Fire Department (BCFD), which provides advanced life support and ambulance transport to seriously ill or injured patients. BCFD also assists with HERO mass-casualty drills and EMT training. 

HERO’s first responders and EMTs are available during the school year.  

In the event of a medical emergency on or around the Homewood campus, call Johns Hopkins Campus Safety and Security at 410-516-7777 from a campus phone, or 911.  For information about joining HERO, obtaining emergency response training, or to learn more about the unit, please visit our website at