About Our Officers

Johns Hopkins University Campus Safety and Security, led by Director Christina Presberry, has 56 full-time and two part-time special police officers commissioned by the state with full arrest powers on all university property throughout Maryland. The campus police officers are highly trained professionals from accredited law enforcement academies. They do not carry firearms. They receive on-campus training that includes cultural diversity, sexual harassment, hate crimes, AED/first aid, community policing, and crime prevention.

Support Officers

Security officers from AlliedUniversal augment the commissioned officers by patrolling on and off campus on foot, bicycles, and security vehicles. They are also assigned at the main entrances of the student housing facilities. Off-duty Baltimore City police officers are deployed on Charles Street in the Charles Village and University Parkway areas.

Additional Employees

Part-time employees from the surrounding communities, as well as students, serve as security escorts and quad monitors, bringing the total number of security officers and support staff to over 200. All members of the department, regardless of job title or position, are held to the same high standard of professional conduct.

Collaboration with Law Enforcement

Campus Safety and Security has a strong working relationship with the Baltimore City Police Department. The department is responsive to our requests for support and reinforcements as problems and patterns arise. To improve collaboration and response time, we have established direct dispatcher-to-dispatcher, as well as officer-to-officer, contact between our department and Baltimore City Police.

Our communications strategy is also tied to Baltimore City law enforcement and emergency services. The JHU Homewood Communication Center can summon local law enforcement and emergency services, including Baltimore City Police, Fire, and Ambulance.